Application "REPORT STINK" available to the people of Zrenjanin

In cooperation with the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) and the association "Civic Reversal" from Zrenjanin, the Serbian GIS Association participated in the development of a web application for recording communal problems in the city of Zrenjanin under the symbolic name "REPORT STINK", which residents of the city of Zrenjanin can use since 2nd of October.

To enter elements on the map, it is necessary to register with a valid e-mail address, and then activate the account for access to the interactive web folder from the specified e-mail address. Within the app, using the zoom-in and zoom-out functions or the built-in GPS receiver on the phone, anyone can select the location they report, describe the type of problem, and attach a photo or video.

The application “REPORT STINK”, is intended for reporting, collecting, displaying and analyzing the following utility problems:
  - Undrinkable water
  - Polluted air
  - Noise
  - Wild dumps
  - Traffic problems
  - Abandoned buildings
  - Inappropriate graffiti
  - Other problems

After selecting the appropriate icon to add an individual "stink", the appropriate screen will open in which you need to write a description of the problem and add the appropriate photo (if any) and finally to confirm the information you need to select the option "Save". For all entered information about different "stinks", by clicking on the appropriate icon, you can view more detailed information about the category, local community, address, photo, date of creation and description of the problem and other data.

The aim of the application is to clearly show after some time the frequency and structure of the problems that the citizens of Zrenjanin report and whether, how and how quickly the reported problems are solved.