Serbian GIS Association at the international conference on traffic safety in the local community

At the 15th International Conference "Traffic Safety in the Local Community", which was held from June 24th to 27th this year in Vrnjačka Banja, Igor Velić, Master Eng. as an expert associate of the Serbian GIS Association and president of the Association for Traffic Safety "Safe Pathways Association", presented a unique project "Safe pathways and routes for the primary school pupils and high school students in Bor", which is included in the top five projects for 2019 by the United Nations.

This is the second international conference at which the Serbian GIS Association presented its project which, using new technologies, enables easier traffic safety management in the school zone and the school's gravity area.

The entire project is available at

Within the two workshops dedicated to examples of good practice in local self-government units, Velić emphasized the importance of using open data for easier decision making and development of mobile and web applications that enable easier traffic safety management and significantly improve children's safety.

The development of mobile and web applications on the example of will have its application in new projects planned at the level of the Republic of Serbia for the development of smart cities in the form of new functionalities and possibilities of viewing, entering and changing data by citizens. All traffic participants are given the opportunity to mark locations on the map, add photos, post a description and give their suggestions in order to improve traffic safety.

See more about the mobile application at the following link "Report a traffic problem in the city".

The promotion showed not only how much such projects, and above all applications on child safety in traffic, are necessary for every city, but also how important open data is for creating a better, safer, more humane and successful life on a daily basis, and in every community.

In the discussion initiated by this unique project, Velic announced that the Serbian GIS Association together with the association "Safe Pathways" is working on the development of another mobile application for students and parents of primary and secondary schools in Bor, which will propose a safe route from home to schools, avoiding objectively and subjectively dangerous locations in the city.

That is the point of working with open data using new technologies - cooperation of all direct and indirect participants in data collection, processing, analysis in order to offer the most efficient solution, emphasizes Velić.

The presentation of the new application and a series of new functions that will significantly facilitate the work in identifying traffic safety problems on the territory of the city of Bor, is expected at the upcoming international conference to be held in October in Banja Luka.

The lack of adequate financial support prevents us from improving our work on new applications, which would contribute to reducing the number of traffic accidents. In this regard, we hope that the city of Bor will finally publicly stand behind our work and thus support the story of the use of new technologies.

Also, if there is interest from companies and other investors, who could use the full potential of our idea, the Serbian GIS Association in cooperation with the association "Safe Pathways" is willing to establish appropriate business cooperation - explains Velić.

At the end of the conference, Velić pointed out that the development of new technologies is important in order to make smarter decisions and that it will certainly contribute to reducing the number of traffic accidents and children get safe routes from home to school and pointed out that the model developed by Serbian GIS Association applicable to every city and municipality in Serbia.

Velić noted that traffic signals and traffic accidents that occurred in the last five years were given on the portal. By crossing these data with the infrastructure and traffic signals of the city, a digital model of safe paths and paths of movement of students was obtained. This is just a proposal of measures, and the representatives of the city administration are expected to accept this study, which was done in detail, and to take appropriate steps.

This project of Serbian GIS Association is supported by the Open Data - Open Opportunities project, the United Nations Development Program, and the Office of Information Technology and eGovernment, with support from the World Bank and the United Kingdom Good Governance Fund.