Marking the World GIS Day in Kragujevac

Each year, during the month of November, the GIS community at the international level celebrates Geographic Information Technology Day (GIS) as a scientific framework for the collection, analysis and visualization of geographic data, which help us make more effective decisions. GIS is a day in many companies, colleges and schools and other organizations dedicated to analyzing, displaying, teaching, spreading enthusiasm and inspiring others to use GIS in their business, educate students and students, or conduct a community networking.

GIS Day has been celebrated in the Republic of Serbia since 2013, with the holders being mostly higher education institutions (Faculty of Mining and Geology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geography in Belgrade, Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš and Faculty of Natural Sciences in Novi Sad).
n cooperation with representatives of the City of Kragujevac and the GIS Association of Serbia, the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of the University of Kragujevac has accepted the organization of international marking of GIS on 2019 in Kragujevac. In this regard, we invite you to attend the event on Wednesday, 13 November 2019, starting at 11 am at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac.